The Bedroom Budget: Where to Spend, Where to Save

Where to Save

Bedroom makeover?

Whether you’re outfitting your first apartment or remodeling your home, odds are you’re on a budget. We’re here to help you figure out how to get the most for your money in the bedroom. After 45 years in this business, we know a thing or two about where to spend, and where to save.

Where to Spend

Your Mattress

The big kahuna. As the main component of your sleep system, you want to invest as much money as you can afford into a good mattress.

Your Pillow

You need to start thinking of your pillow as an extension of your mattress. It supports the head and neck, while the mattress supports the body.

Where to Save

Your Sheets

Don’t be fooled; you need good sheets on your bed. What you don’t need is a set of overly fancy sheets. If you’re on a budget, you can easily opt for sheets made with simpler materials such as cotton rather than silk or bamboo. Even microfiber sheets can do the trick. But make sure you purchase sheets with a decent thread count; aim for anything from 300-400 TC. A lower thread count will feel rougher against your skin and can cause irritation.

Your Comforter

Another area where you can save money by opting for less expensive materials. You’ve probably heard

Your Support System

This does not mean you’re allowed to go out and buy the cheapest base you can find. It just means you don’t have to break the bank to find one that will work for you. The most important.  Check out our platform bed blog to learn more.

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