Tired of Mattress Shopping?

The only 2 mattress shopping rules you'll ever need to know

Are you tired of mattress shopping yet?

You’re a highly intelligent person. You do your research, you ask around, and you try to be well-prepared before you go on a shopping trip for a major household purchase. Mattress shopping is no exception. You’ve read a few blog posts, studied a few mattress retailers’ sites, and have asked a few friends and family members where they bought their last mattress. Maybe you’ve even attended our free public Saturday class, How To Shop for a Mattress.

You have a sense there’s more to a good night’s sleep than simply picking the mattress with the prettiest cover or the one with the word Deluxe in its name.

So let me ask you something: are you tired of mattress shopping yet?

If so, let us boil it down for you. Forget everything you’ve ever heard or learned about shopping for a mattress — yep, even from us.

In a pinch — with no time, patience, or savvy — here are the ONLY TWO RULES you’ll ever need to know before buying a mattress.

2 easy rules for mattress shopping

  1. Buy a two-sided mattress.Hands down, buying a two-sided mattress is a better value. Because you can flip and rotate it (and you should, 3-4 times a year), you can evenly distribute the natural wear pattern over time. This’ll give your two-sided mattress a life up to three times longer than any fancy ‘can’t flip’ mattress du jour.
  2. Buy by weight. In short, how heavy is the mattress? This is the caveman’s way of judging mattress quality, and you know what? It works! If the mattress is as light as an empty peanut shell, you’re buying synthetic pouf. A heavier mattress, regardless of thickness or thinness, is going to be good because it’s going to be sturdy and durable. A heavy mattress is not a bad thing — quite the opposite. Heaviness probably means strong quality coils (in the case of a well-built innerspring coil mattress) or real, natural fibers in the core (i.e. botanical latex, cotton, wool, down or feathers). If you’re flipping your two-sided mattress correctly, there’ll be no strain to your back whatsoever. Heavy does not equal awkward.

There you go. Two easy rules for how to shop for a mattress. We’re keeping it simple for you so you can get in, get out, and get on with life — one good sleep at a time.

Mattress shopping made easy

At Bedrooms & More in Seattle, we’ve already taken care of the two rules you need: all our mattresses are 2-sided for longevity & comfort, & NONE of our mattresses are lightweight & flimsy. The only thing you need to think about is your comfort!


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