Try It Before You Buy It

Is Online Shopping Really Stress Free?

Shopping can be a stressful process. It can be time consuming. We sometimes struggle making a decision on what we want to buy. Some shoppers really don’t want to be bothered by salespeople; which is why most of us choose to shop online. It’s nice to imagine that browsing on the internet is convenient, that we can find more affordable items. Occasionally, that’s true. However, getting the wrong item can be a costly mistake.

I used to love shopping online, especially for clothing. That all changed when I purchased a low-priced Hawaiian t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts to complete a “Hawaiian Tourist” Halloween costume. What was the problem? The outfit was a bit snug. Not only did I have to return them, but I wasted more time than I would have spent in a retail store. I ended up having to run to a retail store to get my costume in time for the event anyway. Worse, I was irritated that I had to wait a few weeks for them to process my return. But above all, I learned that when possible, I should try a product before I buy.

Try It First

Consumer behavior is changing. Some people are willing to spend big bucks on apparel, jewelry, bedroom sets and more online without personally seeing them first. Many shopping decisions are driven by reviews and comments. It’s tempting to trust what we are presented and hope that what we’re getting will actually satisfy our needs. However, let me remind you that not everything you read on the internet is true. Reviews can be misleading. We all demand different things. A friend of mine recently purchased a bed-in-a-box mattress online based on the “great reviews.” In the end, she was disappointed. The extreme firmness of the bed was all wrong. Furthermore, she couldn’t get the mattress to fit in the box to return it and had to buy a another one. All of this stress could have been avoided if she had tried the bed first.

Let’s be honest, we all have our own preferences when it comes to shopping. We should not let some strangers’ or even a friend’s reviews make our decisions. One size does not fit all. You should be the one to decide what is best for you. Go to a fitting room and try on the clothes you like. Lay on the beds and search for the comfort level that you deserve. Some retail stores can be stressful, yes, but you are significantly more likely to get what you wanted to begin with. Regardless of what item, we should always experience the products first, before spending our hard-earned money.    

Where We Shop Matters

With the rise of online shopping, retail stores across the U.S. are closing rapidly. Experts have predicted that 25% of America’s malls will be closed within the next 5 years. This is devastating. Thousands of people will lose their jobs. We, as consumers, have the ability to change this path. Where we shop matters. Visiting a physical store enables us to find the correct items, but also helps save jobs and support the economy in our local communities.

So, the next time you need to shop, remember that where you shop matters. If you choose to shop at a retail store, don’t forget to visit Bedrooms & More. We are a family owned and operated business since 1972. Our staff is friendly, and we strive to provide unmatched service. The store offers a variety of high-quality, two-sided, flippable mattresses, durable furniture, and an extensive seating selection. You will be impressed. Hope to see you there soon!  

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