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Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute they’re cooing in a crib, the next minute they’re asking to borrow the car. And with growth comes growing pains, not to mention shrinking wallets. My parents raised three boys, and I vividly remember a stretch of time where shoes couldn’t be purchased fast enough to keep up with growing feet.

Shoes aren’t the only thing they’ll outgrow

They’ll also outgrow their mattresses! Most couples move their child from a crib mattress directly onto a twin-sized mattress. Seems logical, right? It is the next step up in the progression of mattress sizes; once they outgrow the twin, they’ll move to a full, then queen, then maybe even king or cal king sizes. But it is not always financially feasible to purchase a new mattress after every growth spurt. So what can you do?

Invest in the Extra-Long Term

Try this: forgo the twin-sized purchase, and ask about the twin extra long (TXL) size. Children don’t really outgrow the width of their mattresses do they? They only complain about needing a new bed once their feet start hanging off the end of it.

A TXL mattress comes with an extra five inches of length (80″ long), compared to a standard twin mattress (75″ long). This gives the mattress the same length as a standard queen or king bed, negating the need for upgrades after unexpected growth spurts.

Have a TXL already, but can’t find bedding?

Almost every sheet set & bedding item we offer in our store is available in the TXL size!

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But mattresses wear out in 5-7 years? Won’t I still have to replace the mattress even if I do buy a TXL?

No, not necessarily.

Yes, most conventional one-sided mattresses will wear out after about 5 years, but you won’t have that problem if you purchase from us. Every mattress we sell has two sides, so they can be flipped and rotated, which can double, or even triple, the life of your mattress. That means you can buy ONE mattress and provide your child with a comfortable sleeping surface that will last the duration of their childhood.

But those odd-sized frames and sheets are so hard to find!

We hear people complain all the time that they can’t find TXL bed frames! Well, we make it a point to carry them. All they are is a standard twin bed, but the twin-sized rails are replaced with queen/king-sized ones. Why not carry them?! We have a massive selection of TXL bed frames in a variety of materials and finishes, so you can find one that will fit your child’s style. We also carry bedding to accompany TXL mattresses!

Looking for txl?

Almost every mattress we display in our store is available in the TXL size!

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