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Delivering Process

Have you ever bought an item and paid for expedited delivery, yet, you’re still getting it much later than you expected? I know I have. A few weeks ago, I purchased an expensive water bottle online for my Hawaiian trip. I had to pay for a premium delivery so I could take it with me; but somehow, it wasn’t arriving on the day that I was expecting. Matter of fact, I got a notification telling me that there was a delay for another two business days due to a “delivering error.” This was irritating. Not just that I didn’t get to bring my water bottle on my trip, but I ended up buying a new one at the airport because staying hydrated is my new year’s resolution. You may say a water bottle is not that important of an item. Still, we shouldn’t have to worry about our purchased items not arriving on time. Things we have bought should be delivered based on what we were told, right? It is frustrating when retailers tell us that our purchased items will arrive within 3-5 business days, but in reality, we’re getting them much later. This is why it’s important to find a quick and reliable service that can get us what we want in time.

Is Fast/Premium Delivery Reliable?  

Fast service or quick delivery are some of the strategic marketing plans that some retailers use in today’s market to attract consumers. Stores could offer one to two-day “premium delivery” to earn our business without telling us how our purchased items will be brought into our homes. Getting a product to come to our location at an efficient rate is great, but getting it inside of our homes could be more difficult than we think. Imagine buying a mattress online; you were told that the bed comes in a box and to simply carry it inside. In reality, a mattress box (depending on what size) could be really heavy and requires at least two people to lift. Worse, if your home has stairs or tight corners, you could have a bigger problem getting it to your bedroom. Carrying heavy items might also cause injury that could take weeks to recover. In these cases, we want to get help from the delivery experts. Will the retailers assist us, you ask? Most likely not. When it comes to something like this, they might not take responsibility. They could claim that their service only covers bringing your product to your home and not to your bedroom. Some retailers might help you for an extra charge, but we shouldn’t have to pay more for an unfinished task. We should search for a local company that could actually provide a complete service.

Quick, Reliable & Trustworthy

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable delivery, may I suggest Bedrooms & More! The company offers an unmatched service that satisfies your needs. Their delivery team is friendly, professional, and have tremendous experience delivering all kinds of items. If a service is booked, their team will deliver your product all the way to your desired location. Furthermore, their team will educate you on how to use the product like how to flip your mattress since Bedrooms & More only offers two-sided mattresses, so you could get a bed that lasts much longer than one-sided mattresses. Beyond that, if you purchase a bed frame, a sectional sofa, or other items with Bedrooms & More, their team will assemble everything for you without any questions asked. Even better, some products include “complementary delivery” which doesn’t require paying a shipping fee. Plus, the company offers “same-day delivery” to folks within the greater Seattle area. That’s right, there is no need to wait until tomorrow to sleep on your new mattress or any other product. The best part is, if any incidents happened to your purchased items, the business has a service department that will come fix it for you at your convenient time. Bedrooms & More’s unmatched service goes beyond the delivery team; the sales staff is full of experts, who are capable of finding you the right product to fit your needs. Every brand available on display is well-made and most are sourced in the U.S. So yes, shopping with Bedrooms & More will not only give you a quick and reliable service, but you are also getting a high-quality product. On top of that, you are supporting a local family-owned business. So, the next time you shop for any home furnishing item, I highly recommend Bedrooms & More!

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