Why do We Carry Vispring?

Why do we Carry the Vispring Line?

Recently, Bedrooms & More began showing a selection of the Vispring line. After visiting their manufacturing facility in Plymouth, England, Jeff & Wanda Garfield were convinced this maker of fine, luxury mattresses needed to be featured in our store.

Handcrafted Products with History and HeritageVispring Sublime Mattress Room Setting

Vispring went into business in 1901 and continues to produce high-quality products today. As a family-owned company since 1972, we like to partner with other businesses with staying power. Vispring’s method for manufacturing luxury mattresses has undergone minimal change in the past 100+ years. Why? Because their methods work. Where other companies opted for cheaper, cost-cutting alternatives to production, Vispring refused to settle. We get that because we did the same.

Vispring Sublime Mattress Coils CloseupWhole Materials, No Long List of Ingredients

More people want to know what’s in the products they buy. From food to clothing, it’s nice when you can look at a list of ingredients used and know exactly what each one is. Even better? When it doesn’t rival the length of your partner’s ever-growing “honey-do list” for you.

Mattresses in the Vispring line are constructed from the very best nature has to offer. From Chinese silk, to British wool, to Peruvian vicuna, all fillings are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. They are constantly looking for ways to be even more ecologically sustainable. This kind of dedication to the environment is close to our hearts, and a major reason why we choose to sell their products.

Two-Sided, Long-LastingVispring Muses Headboard

We say it all the time, but we are obsessed with two-sided mattresses. It’s our thing. So when we find another mattress company just as obsessed as we are, we know we’re playing for keeps.

Vispring only manufactures two-sided mattresses, just like us. They know these mattresses last longer and are more comfortable over time. And when a mattress is built to last longer, it retains its worth.

Like us, they’re loyalty is with their customers. A mattress is not a disposable piece of furniture. It is an investment that should last for a decade or more. It should provide comfort and support over the long term. A mattress should not be replaced every 3, 5, or 8 years, regardless of what the major mattress manufacturers tell you.

It’s a Match!

Now you know a little bit more about why we choose to sell Vispring products. You can check out their mattresses here on our site, but seriously, you need to come into the store to get the full effect. Pictures simply do not do them justice.

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