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Unfortunately we can’t all have guest rooms, huge living rooms, and/or large bonus rooms. So when space is at a premium and you need it to be multifunctional, futons provide both a good sleeping surface and a good seating surface. Whether you need a futon for sporadic or everyday use, you’ll see how quickly it comes in handy.

Do people still like and use futons?

Absolutely! Here at Bedrooms & More, we’ve carried a large selection of futon mattresses, covers, and frames, for years. And they continue to sell!

Futons, traditional Japanese beds, were introduced to America by the first wave of Japanese immigrants. They were later “Americanized” by designer William Brouwer who developed a wooden frame to lift the mattress up off the floor. Today futons grace private homes, offices, and college dorm rooms all over the world. People find them to be space-saving, affordable, convenient, and (hopefully) stylish.

Need a futon?

Save space while adding a stylish seating & sleep surface. We offer a large selection of solid wood futon frames that are easy to convert, plus high quality futon mattresses.


Why do futons still work well for people?

Versatility. It’s that simple.

  • Futon frames come in countless styles and finishes
  • Futon covers are done in a wide range of fabrics
  • Futon mattresses come in several comfort levels

Those who appreciate futons will tell you this: with a futon, you can get a mattress that’s much more comfortable than a sleeper sofa for less money.

What sort of futon frame is best?

Through the years we’ve experimented with metal futon frames, pine frames, and solid hardwood frames. What we’ve found is that solid rubber wood futon frames are the most reliable.

We carry solid wood frames from a futon factory in Malaysia that produces high-quality products at affordable prices, using lumber from sustainably managed forests. We offer a wide selection of great style choices and stains, and each frame comes with a 5 or 10 year warranty.

Of course when it comes to mattress options, we’ve got quite a few! Many of the mattresses we sell that fit futons are made here in the Pacific Northwest, while others are imported from ethical and responsible manufacturers we trust. Mattresses are available at a range of price points, and thankfully, you can get something durable, that looks and feels great, for not much money.

When does a futon come in handy?

They are great for all sorts of situations. Here’s a list off the top of our heads:

  • when you have houseguests
  • the in-laws!
  • when you have a child away at college who comes home on breaks (because the second they left, that room got converted)
  • new baby and a parent needs uninterrupted sleep
  • renting and/or planning on moving fairly frequently — it’s a lot easier to move a futon frame than a sleeper sofa
  • tight on space, and/or budget, and need to cover both sitting and sleeping in one fell swoop
  • when you want to be able to change where you sleep in the house at a moment’s notice due to temperature fluctuations, illness, insomnia, or a snoring spouse
  • that new micro-apartment is more micro than apartment
  • easily turn a playroom into the ultimate slumber party hub
  • that awkward stage after graduation, but before your child finds his first job (thanks Mom & Dad!)

Can you see now why futons are still popular among people at all budgets and all different stages of life?

Get your futon

Start shopping futons & make your living space more hospitable to guests.


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