DreamFit sheets were created to solve a very simple problem: sheets that don’t fit or stay on today’s thicker, more conforming mattresses. The fact is, mattresses have evolved over the years, but sheets haven’t. Most are still designed to fit thin, mattresses. This challenged our CEO, Jerry Wootten, to create sheets that are Guaranteed to Fit, and Guaranteed to Stay On. All DreamFit sheets are luxury sized to provide a comfortable and conforming fit regardless of the thickness or flexibility of the mattress. The patented DreamFlex corner bands insure that the fitted sheet will never pop off the corners of today’s mattresses.  By the way, DreamFit believes in keeping America in business. So, when it is possible and prudent, the company constructs DreamFit sheets in America.

Q: What's included in Dreamfit Bed Sheet Set?
(1) patented fitted sheet, one extra large flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

Q: Do Dreamfit Sheets fit adjustable beds?
A: Yes, All dreamfit Sheets & sets are adjustable bed compatible.

Q: Do all Dreamfit Fitted Sheets have a deep pockets?
A: Yes, all sheets are guaranteed to fit mattresses up to 17 inches deep and have a 360 degree elastic band around the entire fitted sheet edge for a snug fit on your mattress.

Q: Do Sheets stay in place on adjustable beds?
A: Yes, Dreamfit sheets feature patented 1" DreamFlex corner straps to grip the corners of your mattress. Guaranteed to stay in place, even on adjustable beds.

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Machine Washing: It is strongly recommended to wash your sheets before the first use. Use a mild liquid detergent that does not contain any bleaching agents or fabric softeners. Machine wash on a gentle cycle and do not wrap sheets around the agitator. Wash in cold or cool temperature water. Hot water can cause shrinkage in sheets that contain cotton. Much like clothing, light colors and dark colors should be washed separately. When washing your sheets, it is important to only wash sheets with sheets.  Washing with towels, jeans, items with zippers, metals and other abrasive materials can cause wear on the fabric and will decrease the lifespan of the sheets. Note: some face and hair care products can lead to discoloration. Specifically, but not limited to, products that contain benzoyl peroxide.

Drying: Natural fabrics may wrinkle, however, there are steps you can take during the laundering process that can reduce wrinkling. Before moving the sheets to the dryer, you can gently shake out and smooth the fabric, making sure to unravel any items that may have become twisted in the wash. Tumble dry at the lowest heat setting, as higher heat settings can cause shrinkage of sheets that contain cotton fibers. Avoid overloading the dryer, so your sheets have plenty of space to evenly dry.

Dreamfit takes great pride in the expertise of their manufacturing team and craftsmanship and offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.