Silk Inserts

Sandwashed Silk

Comfortable year round

  • Silk often breathes better than down, wicking moisture away from the body.
  • Its unique thermal properties allow it to adjust to your body temperature, adding a perfect layer of warmth in all seasons.
  • Silk comforters drape better than down, contouring to your body, leaving no cold spots. Down runs from you, but silk comes to you.
  • White Loft silk-filled comforters give you the warmth of down in half the weight!

100% Natural - Allergy free

  • Dust mite free. Silk naturally repels insects.
  • Silk is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect alternative to down or even wool.
  • Silk fibers don't break down the way feathers do; as down degrades, allergies often become worse.

Trouble free

  • Layered silk fiber is remarkably stable; the delicate, fluffy layers "adhere" to one another, without wandering or bunching. This means White Loft comforters require little or no quilt stitching, giving them a billowy softness, a hallmark of every White Loft product.
  • Silk fibers will never poke though the cover.