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The Garfield Family

Jeff and Wanda Garfield opened doors for business in 1972. Over the last 50+ years the business has grown right alongside the Garfield family.

Today Bedrooms & More is Seattle’s go-to destination for home furnishings including natural and organic mattresses and bedding along with sustainably sourced furniture. 

Left to right: Wanda, Jeff, Chamroeun, Drew, Blake and Krystal.

Our team in Seattle are the sleep specialists you’ll meet if you’re keen to test our products in person. Their dedication to customer service, and knowledge of our extensive range of brands on offer, will help you find the best solution for your needs. We understand if you can’t always get to our stores during regular business hours. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule with personal consultations.

To request a time that works best for you, use the booking request form listed under any team member. If you don’t know who to book with, or if you can’t find an available time for you, simply send us an Email.


Meet Sean, our most seasoned sales team member. With an impressive 16 year tenure, chances are, if you’ve shopped at Bedrooms & More you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sean. Beyond his extensive product knowledge, Sean is driven by a profound passion for helping people achieve the quality of sleep he values, regardless of their budget.

Sean recognizes that quality sleep is all about discovering the perfect bed to meet your individual needs. His exceptional listening skills and knack for finding solutions make him an invaluable asset to anyone that walks through our doors. When Sean’s not leading the sales team to the highest standards in customer service, he can often be spotted around Seattle coaching his son’s basketball team.

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Pam has also been with Bedrooms & More for many years. She delivers impeccable customer service with a wide range of brand and product knowledge. Pam takes pride in working alongside her customers from start to finish to find just the right home furnishings.

Whether you’re in the market for a new mattress, dining set, or custom sofa configuration, Pam can easily assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Chamroeun joined the Garfield family from Cambodia when he was just twelve years old. After graduating from the University of Washington Chamroeun began working full time at Bedrooms & More.

Today Chamroeun oversees all operations at our Clearance Outlet. If you’re searching for a great deal on a mattress or unique furniture piece, Chamroeun is available five days a week to help you find just what you’re looking for.

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Allow us to introduce Armon, affectionately known as “AJ” among friends. A native of the San Francisco Bay area, Armon has been a Seattle resident for 26 years, with the majority of that time spent in the charming Wallingford neighborhood.

With a professional background spanning several years in the luxury automotive industry, Armon brings a wealth of experience to Bedrooms & More. Beyond work, Armon finds joy in various pursuits, including art, cars, cooking, reading, and travel. Not to forget, his soft spot for Dachshunds!

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Meet Kitto, one of our youngest sleep specialists who manages to balance work and full-time studies at the University of Washington. Achieving recognition on the Dean’s List at the College of the Environment, Kitto’s commitment extends beyond academics. His deep passion for conservation and environmental science education naturally drew him to become a valued member of Bedrooms & More.

We appreciate Kitto’s dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness because it aligns with our company’s core goals. Should you encounter Kitto in our stores, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation and inquire about his favorite sustainable products we offer.

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Alex has a special affinity for getting to know his customers just the same as he does the people he works with. You can count on Alex to find you just what you’re looking for. Alex also works closely with our Clearance Outlet where we have a wide range of last call items on display and the incredible discounts you won’t find anywhere else. 

Our clearance outlet is on the same block as our flagship stock (only a few steps away) and is also home to additional brand new budget-friendly mattress models as well. So it’s easy to check out both locations when you come into test out our products. Maybe you can get Alex to tell you about his favorite musical!

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Introducing Vic, a dedicated father of three and a budding music artist who juggles his passion with his role at Bedrooms & More. Hailing from Texas, he proudly maintains his loyalty to the Cowboys. Vic brings a wealth of experience as a former financial advisor and manager within prominent cell phone carriers.

In his approach to customer service, Vic holds the belief that each customer he encounters has distinct needs, some more unique than others. His primary task is to discern those needs and pair them with our exceptional products. Vic describes himself as an open book, finding joy in establishing genuine connections with those he meets. Whether it’s discussing style preferences or addressing specific comfort needs, Vic is committed to providing a personalized experience for every customer.

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