Our Memorial Day Sales are going on now through May 31st! Don’t miss out on some of our best deals of the year!


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– Up to $100 Bedding Credit with the purchase of a Botanicore Latex Mattress

This is a great deal to take advantage of during our Memorial Day Sale. Depending on the size of mattress you buy, you will receive a corresponding credit to spend on any of our bedding items available in-store and online. Can you say score?


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– Bedding Bundle

Because you can’t buy just one! Our bedding bundle helps you save on all of the necessary essentials. Whether you’re in need of a whole new bedding makeover (comforter, sheets, topper, etc.), or want to load up your bed with as many comfy pillows as possible, save 15%* when you purchase 3 or more bedding items!

*Discount applies to bedding items only. Cannot be applied to entire purchase.


– Up to $50 Bedding Credit with the purchase of a 2-Sided Classics Mattress

Sensing a theme, perhaps? We love our bedding products, and we’re confident you will too! When you purchase a mattress from our 2-Sided Classics collection, you can earn up to $50 in bedding credit.


AffenpinscherDoesn’t shed
Airedale TerrierDoesn’t shed
American Hairless TerrierNo hair/No Dander
BasenjiDoesn’t shed
Bedlington TerrierDoesn’t shed
Bearded CollieHair pH same as human hair
Bichon FriséSpringy undercoat doesn’t hold much hair or dander Recommended by AKC for allergy sufferers.
BologneseDoesn’t shed
Cairn TerrierSheds little to no hair
Chinese CrestedHas very little fur, doesn’t shed much
Coton de TulearDoesn’t shed
Dandie Dinmont TerrierDoesn’t shed
Fox Terrier (Wire)Sheds little to no hair
GreyhoundShort hair, single coat
GoldendoodleDoesn’t shed
HavaneseDoesn’t shed
Irish Water SpanielDoesn’t shed
Italian GreyhoundShort hair, single coat
Kerry Blue TerrierSingle-coated, short hair, sheds less
MalteseDoesn’t shed
Peruvian Inca OrchidNo hair
Poodles of all sizes and Poodle hybridsSingle coat, sheds less
Portuguese Water DogDoesn’t shed
PuliDoesn’t shed
Schnauzers of all sizesShort hair, sheds less
Scottish TerrierDoesn’t shed
Sealyham TerrierDoesn’t shed. Produces less dander.
Silky TerrierDoes not shed. Hair may come out when brushed or combed.
Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierDoesn’t shed.
Welsh TerrierDoesn’t shed.
West Highland White TerrierSheds little to no hair
Yorkshire TerrierHair has same pH as human hair
XoloitzcuintliNo hair


– 45th Adjustable Base Credit

Adjustable bases are a great addition to any bedroom, and we want to see more people taking advantage of their many benefits! That’s why we’re offering up to $200 in credit towards our 45th St. Adjustable Bases with the purchase of a 45th St. Mattress.


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