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Natura Latex Mattress – Talalay Process

Natura Latex Mattresses begin with the finest latex milk from Southeast Asia.

The latex in its liquid state is blended with natural vulcanizing and gelling agents and mechanically frothed with the addition of soap and air. It is then poured into specially designed molds. During this shaping process, the temperature inside the mold is drastically reduced, freezing the mixture.

As the frothy mixture gels, the individual air bubbles become interconnecting, creating millions of tiny pinholes that result in greatly enhanced ventilation and durability. Once gelling is complete, the mold is then heated to110 degrees Celsius. The heat induces “curing” of the Talalay latex and gives it its resilient properties. The products are then removed from the mold, washed to remove residual soaps and proteins, dried and then inspected according to strict European standards.

Latex Mattress Process

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