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At Bedrooms & More, every mattress we sell is two-sided, also known as ‘flippable.’ What this means for you: your mattress will last longer and give you more consistent support through the years. Double your comfort when you shop with us, while making the most of your investment.

We offer a fantastic range of mattresses of all styles, from breathable latex and traditional coil mattresses to crib mattresses and futons. The crown jewel of our product line features Botanicore™, our earth-friendly botanical latex cores. These offer a luxurious feel and a breathable composition. Located in Seattle, we’re Washington State’s largest retailer of natural and organic mattresses.

Explore our selection below. We always offer the best quality product in every price range. So your comfort is the only criteria.

At Bedrooms & More we have been fortunate over the years to build strong relationships with our partner manufacturers. Because of that, all of our mattresses are made exclusively for us influenced by our 40 years of customer feedback. These relationships have also helped us avoid some of the negative trends that we have witnessed in the mattress market. Some recent examples of those trends would be the rise in popularity of the “can’t flip” mattress or memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses. Over the years, we have been able to stay true to our mattress values witnessed by our two-sided and flippable designs that use quality materials like natural latex and wool.

With over 50 mattresses on display, Bedrooms & More has a mattress that will fit your unique needs and budget requirements. We carry only two-sided mattresses that are flippable or mattresses that are zipper covered allowing you to refresh the comfort layers. Both of these features allow for maximum durability resulting in a mattress that will last. We have a selection ranging from basic innerspring and futon mattresses to luxury pocketed coil beds to our all natural and chemically free latex mattresses.