Regal Innerspring Mattress


The Regal is a simple, 2-sided, flippable innerspring mattress with a nice quality coil system.

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The Regal is a basic, entry-level, double-sided innerspring mattress. Ideal for bunkbeds and trundle beds. For extra comfort, add one of our luxurious, breathable toppers.

Product Details

Comfort Level*:

  • Cushion Firm

Comfort System*:

  • Fiber, 5/8″ foam
  • Insulator pad

Support System*:

  • 390 – 7″ high profile innerspring, 5-turn Bonnell coil
  • Double Edge Guard Support

10 Year / 2 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

*Applies to both sides

Mattress Dimensions

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Why Wire-Tied Coil?

Wire-Tied Coil units are both durable and responsive. They’re created by connecting many coils into a single piece, giving the mattress proper support for all types of people. With a wire-tied coil system, every spring is supported by the adjacent coils, which helps maximize comfort and durability. A medium gauge coil (13.5 – 14 gauge) is often used to allow for gentle comfort while maintaining support and durability. One shortcoming of Wire-Tied Coils is the lateral transfer of motion throughout the mattress that results in one moving partner waking the other. This can be mitigated by running the strands of connecting wire between coils from head to toe rather than side to side, which keeps the movement on one side of the bed.

Why 2-Sided?

Once upon a time, all mattresses on the market were two-sided. People flipped and rotated their mattresses several times a year. The lifespan of a properly cared-for mattress was 10-20 years.

But now it’s a different era. The mattress industry has changed radically since 2000 and these changes have NOT been in favor of the customer. If this is your first time shopping for your own mattress, you may not be aware of this. Big Name Mattress Companies now prioritize pennies over people. To cut their own costs and make more money, they make and sell ‘can’t flip’ or ‘no need to flip’ mattresses . . . which just means they’re selling you half a mattress.

You wouldn’t buy half a car or half a TV set. So why would you buy half a mattress?

Don’t fall for the hype about ‘no need to flip’ mattresses. It’s just marketing, not reality.

At Bedrooms & More, we sell only 2-sided, flippable mattresses.

Two-sided mattresses:

  • last 2-3 times longer than “can’t flip” mattresses
  • are far more durable, because they wear more evenly when you flip and rotate them
  • are still being made and sold today by people who care about consumers’ long-term comfort
  • are usually the preferred choice of hotels and motels, because they’re a better value and feel good longer


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April 9, 2016

If I’m interested in buying this mattress for our son (mattress only), as well as a better queen mattress and box spring (a firmer one), is there just one delivery fee, if we order both at the same time? We live in the bottom floor in Kirkland.

April 9, 2016

Many mattresses have delivery built into the price. This one does not. However, if you are having multiple items delivered to your home at once, one delivery covers all pieces. So if you chose a bed that has delivery included, any addition items would be delivered at no additional charge. Or even if nothing you chose included delivery, the total cost to have everything delivered would only be $59.95. Furthermore, if there was more than one item that included delivery, you would receive a discount of $59.95.