Mr. GO! Lantern


Introducing mr. GO! Lantern, your new adventure companion. Use mr. GO! as an outdoor lantern for areas where access to power is limited. Backyard party, camping, or perhaps an evening stroll, this lantern is not only cordless and convenient but stylish too. Simply charge its built-in powerful batteries using its handy USB port, the lantern offers 5000mAh amount of stored energy, so you’re ready for whatever adventure comes your way!

  • Dimmable: Turn on/off or dim by pressing the button on the interior of the lamp.
  • Standard USB output port allows users to charge their USB devices on-the-go.
  • Choose from 5 fun colors: Soft White, Soft Grey, Soft Green, Soft Blue and Soft Orange.
Note: Item is available with store or warehouse pick-up, or home delivery to WA addresses only.