Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Pocketed Coil Systems are groups of independent coils wrapped in fabric casings. These coils can be joined together with either glue or thread. There is a broad range of durability in coils of this type. Longevity is determined by coil gauge, tempering and steel quality. A pocketed coil system conforms better to your body than mattresses using other styles of coil. Linked coils like wire-tied coil or bonnell coil require more padding to equal the conformity of encased units.

Pocketed coils are terrific for pressure point relief. Side sleepers (and greater than 60% of people are) love these. This type of coil is best known for producing mattresses that reduce motion transfer side to side. This “motion separation” disturbs partners less with tossing and turning.

A shortcoming is that for someone of above average weight may not get the comfort life they need. In addition, where the body is heaviest depressions will occur, if maintenance is not consistent. Rotate and flip frequently.

A pocketed coil in a two-sided mattress is best with not much additional padding. Since the springs do most of the contouring, you don’t need to hide the feel of the coils. Flipping and rotating the mattress, will maximize the life of this support system.