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Only botanical latex gives you the comfortable and consistent, chemical-free sleep experience you deserve. Our latex is not only the most durable it's Eco Institut Certified to be the cleanest latex you can get. It's also harvested from one of the most sustainably managed forests on earth. 

Botanical latex provides natural body temperature-regulating properties that memory foam cannot. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic and also terrific for pressure point relief. All of our latex mattresses have zippered covers to allow easy access to customize the feel of your mattress at home throughout its lifetime. As well, this saves you money because you can replace individual components without buying a whole new mattress.

Rest easy with 15-year non-prorated manufacturer warranty which includes defects such as 1 & 1/2″ measurable impressions when measured against surrounding areas. Warranty begins the day your mattress is delivered and applies to the original purchaser. Note: the consumer is responsible for transportation costs for warranty repairs.