About our Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are our specialty. Only botanical latex by Botanicore™ gives you the comfortable and consistent feel and the chemical-free sleep experience you deserve. Furthermore, our latex is the most durable. Botanicore™ is certified to be the cleanest latex you can get.

Harvested from rubber trees near the equator, latex sap is totally natural. Our latex comes from one of the most sustainably managed forests on earth. Botanical latex provides the natural temperature-regulation Memory Foam cannot. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it’s terrific for pressure point relief.

We only use only the highest quality botanical latex. Our latex mattresses come from Vietnam and are made using the Dunlop process. Specifically, from the rubber tree which gets scored causing it to produce more sap. Roughly 200 trees produce enough sap for a queen-size mattress. From there the latex’s poured into a mold and goes through a Vulcanization process. Finally, each core is rotated in a heat chamber and then rinsed repeatedly. The end product is the longest-lasting all-natural core or layer you may ever own.

Zippered Covers

You can’t just sleep on a core though, right? Here at Bedrooms and More, we offer the widest array of quilted covers. Ranging from a quilted cotton cover to Organic cotton with latex, wool, and silk! Imagine sleeping on that! But wait, there’s more. The covers we use are zippered. At this point, you may be asking, “why do I need a zippered cover”? Well, a zippered cover allows you to customize the feel of your mattress at home. You can also replace individual components without buying a whole new mattress. At Bedrooms and More that’s what we strive for. We want to offer you the opportunity, to buy your forever mattress with us.

Your best sleep starts with a 2-sided Botanicore™ latex mattress.

Come visit us, you’ll see the difference.