What’s Seattle’s best mattress store? When you live in a large city, you have a multitude of options for where to buy a mattress. Big box store? Discount store? Independently-owned store? Department store? Boutique or specialty shop? Take your pick — and your chances. When it comes to mattresses, what you get for your money can vary based on the mattress materials, the manufacturing process, marketing mythology, and the retailer’s sales practices. If you live in a smaller town outside of a metropolitan area, your shopping options may be limited. “Best mattresses” at “best prices” becomes incredibly subjective at that point.

At Bedrooms & More in Seattle, we’ve been in the mattress business a long time (since 1972!). Our customers trust us. Over 45 years in business, we’ve been lucky to serve multiple generations of the same family. For instance, we’ve sold a waterbed to a couple with kids in the 1970s. Then we sold adult mattresses to their grown kids in the 1990s. Now we’re helping those original customers’ grandkids pick out the best futons for their dorm rooms and first apartments. Our business largely runs on referrals from happy customers who tell their friends, neighbors, and co-workers about how much better sleep is when they sleep on our mattresses.

We’ve been around long enough, and have seen enough, to know not only our products but the other guys’. We’ve seen mattress trends come and go. We’ve seen the mass defrauding of the American consumer by the private equity-funded mattress industry since the aughts (“can’t flip” mattresses, anyone?). We can confidently say that Bedrooms & More is Seattle’s best mattress store. We’d love to serve you, even if you live far from Seattle.

Our store is located just a block from I-5 on 45th Street in the charming and walkable neighborhood of Wallingford near the bustling University District. The store was founded by Jeff and Wanda Garfield, who still own the store and are visible nearly 7 days a week. We’re staffed by their three grown sons (Thane, Blake, and Drew Garfield) and a large, dedicated team of salespeople, warehouse employees, delivery people, and a web team. Our team feels like family. We aim to treat our customers the same way.

We deliver locally in the Seattle area and as far as Bellingham, Olympia, Bellevue, the Tri-Cities area, Eastern Washington, and Portland, Oregon. We also gladly deliver to customers outside of the Pacific Northwest. (California? Minnesota? North Carolina? We’ve got you!) And for our local customers, we offer fast, friendly, reliable in-home service should you ever need it.

We’re proud to live in and serve a diverse community and we appreciate its confidence in our service and our products.

What Kinds of Mattresses We Sell & How They Compare to Memory Foam, Gel Mattresses, & Other Types

Looking for a Memory Foam mattress in Seattle? Or maybe you’re in search of a cooling gel mattress or the best latex foam mattress?

Bedrooms & More is the Pacific Northwest’s #1 destination store for the best mattresses for the best value. While value doesn’t always mean the lowest price in town, our customers find that it often does. Many times, a customer’s Paid Receipt shows a lower price than they’d get at a so-called “discount” or “bargain” mattress store. Our two-sided mattresses hold their value for years longer than Big Name Manufacturers’ one-sided models. Dollar for dollar, a flippable mattress is built to go the distance, in terms of comfort and durability. Not to mention, the health and eco benefits of these more natural mattresses are unparalleled. Let us tell you how.

We sell all-botanical latex mattresses, which are made from the sap of rubber trees grown within 10 degrees of the equator. We also sell high quality coil mattresses featuring supportive innerspring construction with comfy padded layers and luxe quilted tops. We’ve also Seattle’s go-to store for the best quality, affordable futon mattresses.

Every mattress we sell is two-sided. Two-sided mattresses last up to three times longer than one-sided models and feel better longer. You can expect a sleep life of 8-15 years out of your Bedrooms & More mattress, when properly cared for (flipping and rotating regularly). Don’t fall for the “no need to flip” marketing hype. This is simply a way to ‘sell you’ on the ‘benefits’ of one-sided models while padding the manufacturers’ pockets with cash. Meanwhile, you’re at home sleeping on half a mattress. Also, you’ll be back in the other guys’ stores in 3-5 years needing a brand new mattress– and nope, it WON’T be covered under warranty, because for one-sided mattresses, replacing every 3-5 years is considered ‘normal use.’ Do you think your grandparents would’ve stood for such a short mattress life? We know they wouldn’t have! Their two-sided models were built to last, and people regularly got up to 20 years from their mattresses by caring for them properly.

There are no new, magical mattress materials — no matter what the Big Guys tell you.

Our product line’s crown jewel is Botanicore™, our signature line of all-botanical latex foam rubber core. Our customers are definitely NOT sleepless in Seattle, as Botanicore™ provides the best night’s sleep you can imagine. Our all-botanical latex foam is breathable, temperature-regulating, comfortable, and durable.

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How The Best Foam Latex Mattresses Compare To Memory Foam & Gel Mattresses

At first blush, you might think you’re lying on a cloud when you lie on a Memory Foam model in a showroom. You like its generous ‘give’ and the feeling that it’s conforming to your body. You’d pay a pretty penny to take such a mattress home, and you’d enjoy some comfortable nights . . . if only it weren’t for the night sweats and waking up in a pool of moisture. That’s right: Memory Foam is known to ‘sleep hot,’ due to it being a synthetic product. Synthetics trap moisture around the body and don’t allow for natural body temperature regulation over the course of a night. Even nice quality linen or bamboo sheets can’t fully solve the problem. Within three years’ time, you’d find that you and your sleep partner have created bodily impressions in the sleep surface. Because Memory Foam is ‘slow to recover’ — meaning, it bounces back slowly from compression — over time, you’ll find your hips lying in a trough and your shoulders in a crater. Suddenly lying down for a good night’s rest isn’t all that relaxing. And we haven’t even talked about the off-gassing that is sure to occur as chemicals leach from your Memory Foam mattress and trigger headaches and other bothersome side effects for you and/or your partner.

What about gel mattresses and their supposed ‘cooling properties’? Same thing as Memory Foam mattresses: gel foam mattresses are synthetic, which means they off-gas, don’t release natural body perspiration (up to a pint a night for the average healthy person!), and the ‘cooling’ effect doesn’t last long. You may feel a cooling effect at first (typically up to 40 minutes), but the sleep surface quickly warms up . . . and then you wake up in the middle of the night bathed in perspiration. You’ll find the contrast between ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ feels even worse to you than starting out with no cooling effect at all. Doesn’t sound like a restful night’s sleep to us. How about you?

Finally, what about other latex mattress options? It’s important to know that not all latex is created equal. Some latex — even latex marked ‘natural’ by some retailers — is comprised of up to 95% chemicals and synthetic substances. If you need a reminder of what it’s like to sleep on a mattress made of synthetic materials, just reread the two paragraphs directly above. Most importantly, before you buy, ask your sales person what’s in your latex. If they can’t tell you it’s all-botanical, which means 100% straight from the tree, then the product you’re considering is NOT natural or eco-friendly, let alone people-friendly.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping. Good sleep is life-giving, health-protecting, brain-fueling, emotionally soothing, and psychologically and physically rewarding. You deserve a good night’s sleep every night. At Seattle’s best mattress store, that’s exactly the mission we’re on: to help our customers sleep better.

At Bedrooms & More, we design, make, and sell the best, high quality, earth-friendly, all-botanical latex foam rubber mattresses you and your body will LOVE to sleep on. We invite you to come visit us in Seattle and try them out! We’ll help you find the firmness density that’s just right for your body type and sleep style, and we’ll mind your budget too, maximizing your investment for your comfort and the best value.

In 2016, we’ll move into our new, state of the art digs one block on 45th Street from where it all started, 45 years ago. You can look forward to an expanded showroom and additional product categories.

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It’s easy to find Bedrooms & More. Off-street parking is available in our private parking garage below the store. Ample free street parking in residential neighborhoods surrounding store also available. We even offer free electric car charging in our garage — let your eco-friendly flag fly with us here in Wallingford

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Directions To Bedrooms & More Seattle

From the North:

Take I-5 South to Exit 169

Take exit toward 5th Ave NE, Merge onto 5th Ave NE

Turn Right on NE 45th St

Drive 3 blocks

Bedrooms & More will be on the Right on corner of 45th St & Latona

Turn Right on Latona, then immediate Right into parking garage below our building, or find free parking on-street

From the South:

Take I-5 North to 7th Avenue NE

Take Exit 169 for NE 45th St

Drive to NE 45th Street

Keep Left to continue on 7th Ave NE

Use any lane to turn Left onto NE 45th St

Bedrooms & More will be on the Right on the corner of 45th & Latona

Turn Right on Latona, then immediate Right into parking garage below our building, or find free parking on-street