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We have spent decades pairing customers with the best mattresses possible. Selecting the perfect bed for your body can be a journey; thank you for choosing Bedrooms & More as your destination.

Over the years we’ve learned that successful mattress selection is an inexact science. As a part of our process, we want to ensure you know these important facts…


Important things to know


Focusing on the surface feel of your previous mattress while selecting a new mattress that has a similar comfort, gives you a greater likelihood of success. Note: Extreme changes in feel from your previous mattress can lead to a difficult adjustment and an uncomfortable first few weeks on your new bed.


Avoid the temptation to associate hard with supportive. Oftentimes, the bed you’re replacing has developed a sag and when testing mattresses, it can be tempting to seek the support you’re lacking. A new, flat mattress will solve the issue and hard is not necessarily the best choice (see #2).


Listen to your body and compare it to your previous mattress. Spend time on the mattress. A minimum of 15 minutes is recommended before you purchase a new mattress.


Give your body time to adjust. It takes a full month of sleeping on a new mattress to know whether or not it’s a good fit. New mattresses are firmer than the beds on display. The fabric will stretch and materials will relax during the first few weeks after delivery. Your body will adapt to this new surface; to create a new baseline, research has proven you need 30 consecutive sleeps on a new bed.


Bedrooms & More is committed to your comfort. Therefore we have a 90 DAY exchange period with No exchange fee (after 30 days). In order to be eligible for an exchange you MUST DO THE FOLLOWING: Sleep 30 nights on your new bed, leave the law label intact and use a protective mattress pad for the entire duration of the 30-day period.


Even if you’re not 100% comfortable, you may not need an exchange. Many of our mattresses can be made both firmer and softer without having to be switched out to an entirely different mattresses. Consult your sales person, or give us a call to discuss any of your concerns.

90 Day Comfort Exchange

You have a 90 day comfort exchange on your new mattress from the day you receive it. This comfort exchange does NOT apply to “as-is”, floor models, or custom-made beds.

We ask you to give the new bed at least 30 days before considering an exchange. If you feel an exchange is needed, you will receive full credit for the amount you paid for your mattress provided there are no stains on, or damage to the mattress, and the Law Label is still attached. Our delivery team have been instructed to not accept mattresses or foundations for exchange that are stained or have the Law Label removed.

You may also bring the mattress/set back to our warehouse for exchange, or we will deliver and exchange it for you for a delivery charge. If you are returning the mattress/set yourself to our warehouse for exchange, please request plastic mattress bags (no charge) to prevent damage during transport. If you trade for a mattress/set of lesser value, the difference will be returned on a Bedrooms & More gift card. This gift card can be used for merchandise in our store and does not expire.

Warranty Questions

Warranty questions can be answered by your salesperson at the store, or the manufacturer of the mattress.
Please read all manufacturer’s warranty information to make sure that you have a good understanding of what the manufacturer considers a warranty issue. Note: all manufacturers require queen and king size mattresses to have a frame with center support. This may be a solid deck or slat systems where the slats are close together, and the bed frame has center support with legs to the floor. If a solid deck is used (or the mattress is used on the floor) air circulation must be provided as temperature differential and/or moisture can cause mold.

Bedrooms & More will not be responsible if mold develops on your mattress (this is not covered under warranty). We have fiber pads for proper air circulation available for purchase, pease ask your salesperson. Keep in mind that mattresses should not be used with existing foundations/box springs, as this may void the warranty of your new mattress.

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