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Seattle Mattress Expert Blog
The Garfield Family writes the Seattle Mattress Expert Blog

Welcome to the Seattle Mattress Expert Blog! Where you can learn the value of mattresses, bedrooms furniture, seating and more. Most importantly, you can learn how a flippable mattress and the right bedding will help you experience the most cozy, comfortable and restorative sleep possible.

We have nearly 50 years in the business and a lifetime committed to service. Over the years Bedrooms & More has identified many useful, easy to understand tips for maximizing value in your home furnishings. Therefore, as you explore over 100+ blog posts, you too can become an expert. Additionally, if there is a topic that you think needs further exploration, let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

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Why We Do It

Our blog was inspired by a need to provide accurate information in a sea of misinformation and deception. Our goal is to provide clear simple information that can be applied in any marketplace. We are a great resource here in Seattle, but the tips we offer here can also be used no matter where you live.