Charity Promotion

Nov. 17 – Jan. 15
Make a minimum $50 donation to charity and receive any of the following:
$200 off Stressless® Max and Stressless® Mike

$200 off any Stressless® Recliner & Ottoman, Classic Power™ or Stressless® Office
$200 off the purchase price per seat for all Stressless® Motion Sofa Seating (excludes Flora, Manhattan and Oslo)
$400 off all Stressless® Mayfair Recliners and Ottomans in Paloma leather
$50 off each Stressless® Laurel and Mint chair (Dining or Home Office base) with the minimum 4 seat purchase.

On the west coast of Norway, in the small community of Sykkylven, lies the company who has created the world’s most comfortable chair for generations – and still does.

In 1971, a revolutionary recliner was introduced that set a new standard in comfort and functionality. Stressless® was designed to offer maximum well-being and precious me-time in a busy, modern world. And with equal parts inspiration from nature and the region’s tradition of skilled craftsmanship, Stressless® got off to a flying start. 50 years later, Norway’s largest furniture exporter is still located by the fjord and still offers you exclusive comfort, assembled by hand.

Stressless® seating isn’t just good, it’s the best. That’s why a Stressless® recliner was the first ever to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, the largest chiropractic association in the U.S.

Customize Your Stressless® Furniture

Classic Base

A timeless iconic design with unique stability in classic wood. Available in sizes: S, M and L.

Classic Base_Stressless

Classic Power

The elegant footrest is hidden beneath the seat. Available in sizes M and L.

Signature base with BalanceAdapt™

An elegant combination of wood and aluminum offering a soft and comfortable rocking motion. Available in sizes S, M and L.

Signature Base Icon_Stressless

Cross base with BalanceAdapt™

An elegant combination of wood and aluminum that offers a soft and comfortable rocking motion. Available in sizes S, M and L.

Cross Base_Stressless

Star base with BalanceAdapt™

A stylish metal base with a soft and comfortable rocking motion. Available on a limited number of chair designs. Available in size M.

Star Base_Stressless

Office base

This castor base offers full freedom of movement and height adjustment for personal adaptation of your seat height. Available in size M.

Office Base_Stressless

Stressless Batick Leather Color Options
Stressless Cori Leather Color Options
Stressless Paloma Leather Color Options
Stressless Noblesse Leather Color Options
Stressless Wood Finish Options

Maintain surface appearance and texture of your Stressless® furniture by gently wiping the leather down once a week with a clean dry cloth or vacuum with a soft brush. This will help remove unwanted dust. Stressless recommends your leather furniture is cleaned and re-protected at least every six months.

Shop Stressless® Cleaning & Protection Kits:

Stressless Furniture LogoWarranty only protects you (and is only valid) when you purchase a Stressless® product from an authorized Stressless® retailer and can provide your original sales receipt.

  • 10 year on internal mechanisms
  • 5 year on base, foam and power motor/mechanisms
  • 2 year on power batteries
  • 1 year on leather or fabric upholstery