Innerspring/Hybrid Mattresses

An innerspring mattress features a support core made of pocketed or linked steel coil for a traditional surface feel. Some innerspring mattresses also have additional comfort layers above and below these coil units. These materials often include cotton, wool, horsehair, polyfoam, rayon fiber and other various upholstery materials.
A hybrid mattress allows sleepers to enjoy the perfect combination of durable coil support and the contouring comfort of latex. Our hybrid mattresses combine a steel coil support system, often fabric wrapped coil technology, with either our signature Botanicore™ latex made exclusively from the sap of rubber trees or soy based polyfoam layers.  Hybrids are an ideal choice for those looking to combine the benefits of both technologies; the bounciness of springs and the comforting surface feel of latex/foam.
Starting from $6,500.00