Founded in Finland, 1964. To this day Luonto Furniture remains family owned and operated, enabling the brand to stay true to their beliefs. Maintaining high standards throughout the decades is what has and will keep their business moving forward for generations to come.

Luonto's commitment to quality empowers the brand to be transparent in every aspect. Luonto wants to make every detail of their furniture, down to the frame, available to customers so they are 100% confident in what they are purchasing.

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Sustainable manufacturing processes are part of Luonto's heritage. Finland maintains very strict environmental standards which Luonto has grown to live by. Roughly 80% of the country is lake and forest which puts a big emphasis on sustainability in their culture.

Luonto's sustainability efforts begin at the start of the manufacturing process – the raw material. Owning Viitala Forest, their family timber business, Luonto understands exactly where their materials come from. The company mainly harvests, Nordic spruce and birch to be used in sofa frames. The life cycle of one of their forests is roughly 80 years and when it’s harvested trees are replaced for future use.

Throughout their production process Luonto produces roughly 4,000 pounds of wood waste daily. Instead of writing it off as waste, they convert the by-product into pellets which are then used in wood-fired ovens to heat all three of their factories, local schools and a local town.

With these methods Luonto minimizes their carbon footprint, securing longevity and delivering fine functional furniture to you that can endure the demands of a busy lifestyle.

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Fabric & Leather

The Customer Care Manual below includes supporting information to Luonto furniture. From material certifications to proper use cases. Also included, furniture maintenance procedures with recommended schedules, how to clean the upholstery without voiding the warranty, etc.

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Luonto Furniture Inc. warranty becomes effective upon the delivery date and after registering the furniture. Warranty is non-transferable.

  • 10 years: frames & springs
  • 2 years: mechanisms/sleeper mechanisms, cushion cores, pillow inserts, back cushions, back pillows & padding
  • 1 year: sleeper mattresses, electrical components, motors & controls, coverings: fabric/leather

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