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What is a 2-Sided Mattress?

The longevity of your mattress comes down to a hand full of factors. Such as; the materials on the inside, the amount of use and whether it’s two-sided or not.

A 2-sided mattress means you and can flip and rotate it, ensuring it gets even wear throughout. Keeping up on a regular flip/rotation schedule not only keeps your mattress feeling great it extends the comfort life.

Why Choose a 2-Sided Mattress?

Manufacturers of 1-sided mattresses (following the disposal mattress trend) know if they sell you a single-sided mattress, you’ll be back in just a few years to purchase a whole new bed.  It’s a simple equation: If you remove 20-30% of a mattress but don’t drop the price, your profits increase 20-30%. And if you buy a mattress with 50% less area to sleep on, you’re going to wear it down twice as fast. So you’re back on the market for a new bed in half the time. Unfortunately, that’s why manufacturers do it. To make more money.

You'll only find high-quality 2-sided mattresses at Bedrooms & More, because we believe it's the smart choice for consumers and the planet. Let us help you save money, sleep well and keep mattresses out of the landfill. 

Latex Mattresses

Botanical latex provides natural body temperature-regulating properties that memory foam cannot. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic and also terrific for pressure point relief. All of our latex mattresses have zippered covers to allow easy access to customize the feel of your mattress at home throughout its lifetime. As well, this saves you money because you can replace individual components without buying a whole new mattress. Shop our collection of Latex Mattresses here.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress allows sleepers to enjoy the perfect combination of durable coil support and the contouring comfort of latex. Our hybrid mattresses combine a steel coil support system, often fabric wrapped coil technology, with either our signature Botanicore™ latex made exclusively from the sap of rubber trees or soy based polyfoam layers. Hybrids are an ideal choice for those looking to combine the benefits of both technologies; the bounciness of springs and the comforting surface feel with an all natural latex. You can shop our great collection of Hybrid Mattresses here.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have come along way in design and comfort over the years. Known for classic comfort, Innerspring mattresses use a metal coil system combined with springs to create a support frame covered in fabric with cushioning materials, such as; botanical latex and/or poly-foam, cotton or wool on top and bottom for extra support. Explore our collection of Innerspring Mattress here.

Twin Size Mattress with Dimensions Included
Twin XL Size Mattress with Dimensions Included
Full Size Mattress with Dimensions Included
Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included
King Size Mattress with Dimensions Included
Cal King Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The first year with your new mattress is a break-in period and is very important. We recommend that you alternate between flipping and rotating your mattress once a month. After the first year, continue alternately flipping and rotating your mattress every three months.

Flip & Rotate Mattress Service

Bedrooms & More offers a service for our customers where we come to your home and flip/rotate your mattress for you. Sign up for our service and receive 4 schedules of rotations or flips for just $200.  Email us to sign up for our Flip/Rotate Service

How to Flip & Rotate Your Mattress

Visit our blog post: 'How to Flip & Rotate Your Mattress', for easy tips on mattress maintenance.

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