Every mattress we sell is 2-sided. Here’s why.

A 2-sided mattress you can flip and rotate is better for your body and your wallet! Flippable mattresses last up to 3 times as long as ‘can’t flip’ ones. It’s simply untrue that 2-sided mattresses are no longer being made. Here at Bedrooms & More Seattle, they’re all we sell — because it’s what’s best for our customers and the environment. When you flip and rotate your 2-sided mattress regularly, you’ll get many years of consistent, durable, comfortable support for sleeping.

Our mattresses represent affordable luxury at every price point, whether you’re in search of breathable botanical latex mattress or a traditional coil spring mattress.

“At Bedrooms & More, we have decided that the era of disposable mattresses has to end. In a world that needs to focus more on sustainability and recycling, it is imperative that we eliminate the wasteful practice of manufacturing ‘can’t flip’ mattresses.”

-Jeff Garfield, President

The Wallingford Journal 2008