Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by responsibly promoting durable, quality, earth-friendly products for the home. We source, sell, and act with integrity, striving always to provide unmatched service.


September 5 1972, Jeff and Wanda Garfield open their doors for business in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, located at 300 NE 45th Street.


The Waterbed Store gets a full rebuild from the ground up. Construction includes an 8,000 square ft. expansion, split-level showroom, new brick exterior and off street parking garage. Come 1993, the Waterbed Store undergoes a name change and officially becomes Bedrooms & More.


As big box name brands trend more towards the disposal mattress mindset of selling 1-sided ‘can’t flip’ mattresses, the Garfield’s decide it’s time to part ways. Bedrooms & More sets out to sell only 2-sided, quality mattresses that you can flip and rotate. This ensures your mattress stays feeling great while lasting up to 3 x’s longer.


The leadership team continues to expand. Blake Garfield joins in 2005 spearheading sales team management, marketing and media outreach. Two more Garfield’s, Drew and Krystal also join the leadership team soon thereafter.


With raw commodities unreliable in quality, the Garfields decide to source and guarantee their own. After travels to Asia to see rubber tree groves and factories where latex is processed, they launch private label Botanicore™. Botanicore™ quickly becomes the proprietary latex for all of our mattress cores, toppers and pillow inserts.

45th Street Bedding
is born in unison to meet the need for high-quality, long-lasting mattresses and bedding products with exceptional value.


The Bedrooms & More operation expands with a new, state-of-the-art retail store just a half block from our legacy location. Multi-levels include: 2-sided mattresses, natural & organic bedding, bedroom, living, dining room & home office furniture. As well as, a vast selection of seating from futons, recliners, sofas, sectionals and sleepers.


Celebrating 50 years in business! If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that we’d be nowhere without our customers. It’s the experience we’ve gained from serving our community near and far that we value most.




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Yelp Customer Reviews

“Mattress shopping is supposed to be a harrowing, sales-pressure-heavy process, in which you spend minimal time on mediocre merchandise making a decision that can greatly affect your life. This is not the story at Bedrooms & More. I am extremely satisfied with my new comfy mattress and frame. (Word to the wise: splurge for the wool topper.) “Why bother with large mattress store chains? Easy: don’t.”


Seattle, WA

““If you’re looking to buy a new mattress I highly recommend coming here first, because I think that after visiting other places you’ll also come here last, like I did. The customer service can’t be beat and they have a huge variety of options that you can customize.”


Shoreline, WA

“Local beds, great service. The beds they sell are meant to last,  are flippable, and the one that we got was actually made in Washington so it makes me feel like I’m supporting the local economy. Finding the right mattress didn’t take too long and we have it in our house and we think it’s great.”


Seattle, WA