Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by responsibly promoting durable, quality, earth-friendly products for the home. We source, sell, and act with integrity, striving always to provide unmatched service.

Bedrooms & More East Showroom

A place where you can be you. A time to truly relax and make yourself comfortable. At Bedrooms & More Seattle, that’s what you’ll find. No pressure.

Here, there’s no hard sell. No wheeling and dealing. Particularly, no marketing mumbo jumbo. Just good people helping good people create the safe and relaxing bedrooms they want, for themselves and their families. Because as a family, we’ve owned our store for over four decades in the very same neighborhood. Here, every type of family is welcome. So, when you’re shopping with us, we consider you family, too.

We’ve built a sustainable business by offering sustainable products. Our 2-sided mattresses, bedroom furniture, and natural bedding products are durably-comfortable, ethically-sourced & locally-designed, and offer amazing value at every budget.

Now entering our 50th year, we’ve become the Pacific Northwest’s bedrooms destination store, serving customers throughout the Puget Sound region and hundreds of miles beyond. Even if you don’t live in the PNW, we can ship most of our goods to your home anywhere in the United States.

Jeff Garfield

“My favorite thing about our company is that we sell products with integrity.”

Favorite Product: Our zippered mattresses by 45th Street Bedding. Because they are built for a lifetime.

Wanda Garfield

“I’m proud that we carry the best products. Additionally, we have something for every budget.”

Favorite Products: Our 45th Street Bedding products. Particularly, the zip-covered mattresses, and the wool products we personally design.

Thane Garfield

“I’m proud that we do the right thing even when it’s not the trendiest thing. Furthermore, we do what makes us feel good about doing this together.”

Favorite Product: Premier Meridian mattress. Because I like thin firm beds, I chose the Extra Firm.

Blake Garfield

“I love our ability to adapt to customer feedback. Because there’s no one we have to answer to other than our customers.”

Favorite Product: Woodland Park Firm Latex Mattress. Especially because it fits almost any body.

Drew Garfield

“I love that we are consumer advocates.”

Favorite Products: All of our Washable Wool bedding items because they prevent that clammy feeling while sleeping.

Krystal Garfield

“I love that my family really does care about selecting products that are well made and durable. Additionally, everyone considers the environmental impact of our products. Further, how they will affect customers’ lives.”

Favorite Products: “The bamboo sheets. Additionally, the Woodland Park Plush latex mattress.”

Bedrooms & More opened its doors in 1972.

And we’ve been doing business on NE 45th Street in Seattle, just 2 blocks west of I-5, ever since.

Although we were originally a waterbed store, we’re not anymore. However, you probably aren’t surprised. We phased out this once-hot product a few years ago. Though we do still carry waterbed supplies for the true diehards!

Today, Bedrooms & More is a destination bedrooms store supplying the Pacific Northwest region & far beyond with high quality two-sided mattresses, bedroom furniture, & natural bedding.

We’ve grown and matured a lot as a business over the last five decades. Yet we’ve always stayed true to our core values: carrying quality products and building lasting relationships.

Following the waterbed craze of the 1970s, owners Jeff and Wanda Garfield began looking for a reliable alternative to waterbeds. Latex fulfilled that need with its similar conforming properties, with the added benefits of longevity, durability, and customization. Along with the introduction of latex to our store came an additional expansion into other varieties of mattresses, including innerspring and hybrid beds.

The mattress industry was taken over by private equity firms in the 1990s and subsequently slipped into the era of the “one-sided,” “can’t flip” mattress. Therefore at  Bedrooms & More decided it was time to part ways with the mainstream.

We were unwilling to compromise on our standards of quality and longevity. Therefore, we didn’t want to participate in duping American consumers. So we began collaborating with manufacturers to design custom beds exclusive to our store. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with manufacturers, we were able to set a precedent for how our mattresses would be made and what materials would be used. The well-being of our customers has always driven us to innovate and challenge the norm.

Latex Rubber Tree Forest

All of our latex is harvested from rubber trees, grown on plantations like the one pictured above, in southeast Asia.


The harvested rubber is whipped into a foam and poured into open molds. It is then cooked to the desired temperature using our own patented version of the Dunlop method.

Latex Pillows

The end result is a natural product with no chemical off-gassing that provides even comfort and support for years to come.

In 2009, we launched our sister company, 45th Street Bedding.

Raw commodities had become unreliable in their quality. Therefore, in order to uphold our standards, we decided to source and guarantee our own materials. After sending family members to southeast Asia to see the rubber tree groves and the factories where the latex was processed, 45th Street Bedding began importing its own botanical latex.

Botanicore™ became the exclusive, proprietary label for our latex cores. Furthermore, it has become the gold-standard for all latex on the market. Now, 45th Street Bedding is the largest importer of botanical latex in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to mattresses, we design, manufacture, and sell our own high quality bedding. Because it is breathable and great for temperature, much of it is wool. Additionally, the line is largely machine washable.  comforters, mattress toppers, pillows, and beds pads and protectors.

East Building Night

In October 2018, we expanded our operation to include a brand new, state of the art building just half a block East of where it all began.

We are excited to have 21,000 more square feet for our customers to explore our products. Our original location on the corner of 45th Street and Latona in Seattle now offers seating. Now our new, fresh and modern shopping environment holds our bedroom furniture and mattresses.

In the words of the architect Stuart Silk, “…this building promises to become a landmark gateway to the Wallingford neighborhood.”

From this broad history, it’s the experience we’ve gained that we value most.

When it comes to sleep products, we know what works for comfort and what materials will last. Therefore, we’re selective about our products. Because we know that most of the industry is not. Additionally, we’re committed to taking responsibility for our choices as manufacturers and retailers, and to communicating transparently with customers.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our 50 years, it’s that we’d be nowhere without our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen to invest in your comfort and satisfaction by offering only the highest quality, most comfortable, longest lasting products on the market.

Between our extensive insider knowledge and our wide variety of products, we’re confident that we can help improve your life and sleep.