You Want a 2-sided Mattress. Here’s Why:

You want a 2-Sided Mattress

An Innovation for the Mattress Industry

The mattress industry has seen many changes over the past twenty years, but none as impactful as the formerly standard 2-sided mattress being replaced by the “invention” of its 1-sided counterpart.

We have Simmons to thank for this historic leap backwards. They introduced the concept in 2000. Some call it an “innovation”. We call it cutting corners.

Many mattress suppliers boast the simplicity of the one-sided mattress; how wonderful it is to no longer need to flip your bed. Need is the wrong word, try can’t. Because the second side of the mattress no longer exists. They got rid of it. It’s no longer an option.

The industry loves promoting one-sided mattresses because these products further line their pocketbooks and ensure customers re-enter the market more frequently.

It’s a simple equation: If you remove 20-30% of a mattress but don’t drop the price, your profits increase 20-30%. And if you buy a mattress with 50% less area to sleep on, you’re going to wear it down twice as fast. So you’re back on the market for a new model in half the time.

Of course these massive companies want you to believe a one-sided mattress is the best choice. It makes financial sense for them, just not for their customers.

Benefits of a 2-sided Mattress

A 2-sided mattress lasts at least twice as long as any 1-sided mattress. And if you take care of them correctly, most will last you even longer.

2-sided mattresses are better for your body, your budget, and the big ball in the sky where we live (I’m talking about our best friend, planet earth).

At Bedrooms & More, we only sell 2-sided mattresses. You can shop our mattress lines here.

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