Natural Spring Mattress with Zero Flame Retardants

It seems like every flame retardant mattress’ use is going to kill you. Finding a natural spring mattress without adding chemicals  these days can be quite hard. At our store in Seattle however, finding a clean mattress is easy. It’s so easy at Bedrooms & More, that we make it fun.

Here, you aren’t limited to one, two or even ten choices. We have more than 20. So, this means no compromise on comfort. If you want it hard, we can do it. If you want it soft, we can do that too.

The Materials

The Coils – Individually wrapped in fabric (either cotton or a non-woven material), or linked coil systems are available for several models as well.

Cotton – With cotton, processing has a big impact on cleanliness. Within our brands you have choices. Want it certified organic, no problem. Unbleached? Easy. As your barrier with boric acid? Sure.

Wool – As with cotton, we do wool as certified organic, or just as an untreated natural layer. Some of our mattresses contain domestic wool (Cascade Manufacturing, 45th Street Bedding). Imported lines use internationally sourced wool (Hästens, Vispring)

Horsetail – Horsehair is a fantastic material for mattresses. For retention of loft and breathability, there is no substitute.

Silk – Used for breathable luxury, silk is a dense material that is naturally hypoallergenic.

Alpaca – Long luxurious fibers provide much appreciates coziness on higher end products.

Mohair – Soft, and fine, only the most luxurious high end mattresses have fibers from Angora goats.

Latex – Some of our all natural and organic choices use 100% botanical tree rubber (Botanicore™). This is hypoallergenic, and very resistant to compression.

The Builds

The most impactful decision you’ll make is the type of coil. Nesting the coils is one option. Whereas some coils are lined up like little metal soldiers. Linked coils will be much firmer. But if you want to fell like you are on top of the bed, not in the bed, then go for it. If you choose the linked coil, we have all cotton batting, or layered cotton and wool to try.

There are way more pocketed coil options. Combinations of coils stacked on top of coils, with a variety of different batting layers, or latex layers, give you every feel imaginable.

The common thread with almost all of the beds is tufting. By tufting the mattresses all the way through, coils are pre-loaded. Any material compression is offset by coil expansion. Therefore you can enjoy many years of sag free sleep. And we won’t sell you some flame retardant mattress filled with chemicals.






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