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Night Sweats

Are you tired of waking up at night covered in sweat? You are not alone! Numerous people face this problem every night. Sweating is a part of the human condition. Science shows that most adult bodies are more than 60% water. We sweat during exercises and even daily activities like eating and sleeping. The bottom line is everyone sweats, and this gets worse in the summer heat. So, how can you stop night sweats? Well, a simple answer you can change your blanket or comforter. This might not solve the problem, though it is the right approach. The best bedding for summer heat is available here at Bedrooms & More. 

How to Sleep Cooler

Summer is right around the corner; we often toss and turn wondering how to sleep cooler during the hot summer nights. Some people take different approaches to reduce night sweats like visiting a conveniece store to buy fans or purchasing portable air conditioners. However, those items do not provide all the comfort that they need. They should be focusing on bedding and products pressed against their body.

There are many types of bedding. The right choices should work well in any season like breathable materials that allow moisture to dissipate, help regulate body temperature, and provide true comfort. Wool is the most ideal material for these goals. People use wool for all-season clothing and bedding. For example, we wear wool socks while going on hikes because wool allows air to travel in and out. It keeps our feet dry which prevents blisters to form and fungus to grow.

Wool is only one of the options to reduce night sweats. To sleep cooler, there are other natural and organic materials that provide breathability in your sleep environment. Other bedding for summer heat:

  • 100% Botanical latex
  • Bamboo
  • Kapok
  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Wool

A Better Night’s Sleep

Imagine sleeping on a 100% botanical latex mattress with a cotton cover, a machine washable wool mattress pad or topper, bamboo sheets, and a washable wool comforter; doesn’t that sound cozy and healthy? While you’re lying on these organic and natural materials, throw in a 100% organic latex and kapok pillow that comes with a zipper to allow you to adjust to any comfort level you want. With all of this, you will sleep cooler without having to deal with night sweats. Bring on the summer heat!  

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