Down Bedding: Why We’re Cozying Up to Down

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If you’ve visited our store or website in the past, you probably know how we feel about down in comparison to other materials, particularly washable wool. If you don’t, let me tell you: We think washable wool wins, no question. It’s moisture-wicking, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, naturally antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, repelling all of those icky dust mites you don’t want around. To top it off, as you might have guessed already, it’s machine washable. All features you want in your bedding.

I could go on about washable wool for hours, but that’s not what we’re here for. Check out our blog comparing the two materials, down and washable wool, here. Otherwise, let’s get back to the heart of the matter and talk about our new line of down bedding products.

Why down? Why now?

Both great questions! Why would the company choose to manufacture our own line of down bedding when we’re known for heavily promoting the benefits of washable wool?

The main reason is demand. Many of our customers, for one reason or another, really prefer down. And while we have almost always carried a few products in store, we never stocked a complete collection. Customers regularly came in to buy products we didn’t carry, and we thought it was time to do something about it. So the 45th Street Bedding down collection was born, and I’ve got to say, it’s down right awesome!

Why is this new line so great? Because we focused on developing high-quality products at a competitive price point. Down is a tricky material for many consumers to understand, and it is often marketed misleadingly by other companies.

Have you ever had a down coat, or a down pillow, and experienced those pesky little feathers poking out all the time? Turns out, those feathers AREN’T the down. I know! I was shocked too. Those feathers are just that, feathers, and they are often used as filler. Down is the fluffy stuff that sits below the feathers of ducks and geese. It repels water, keeping our cute little water fowl warm and dry.

Most products promoted as down bedding are a mixture of the two, usually with a lot less down than you would expect. We made sure our products contained as much down as possible while remaining at a competitive price. We ended up with products whose fill is 80% down/20% feathers, significantly higher than what most other companies offer for a similar price. This is because we source straight from the manufacturer, rather than going through a supplier.

Down Feather

What are the benefits?

We love our washable wool, but down definitely has its charms. Its reputation as the most luxurious bedding material had to come from somewhere, after all.

What does down do that’s so difficult to replicate? Unparalleled comfort, of course! Some would say sleeping on down feels like sleeping on a cloud. High praise, wouldn’t you say? The reality is, the only way to even come close to replicating this feeling is by using synthetic materials know as “down alternatives”. And synthetic materials, as we all know, are petroleum-based.

Sleeping well

Whatever your bedding preferences, we want you to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’re working to expand our product line to bring quality products to our customers.

Our down bedding line features three products: Down Pillows, Down Light Comforter, and our regular weight Down Comforter. If you’re interested in any of these products, they are currently available for purchase in-store, and will soon be active online! Happy sleeping, everyone!

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