[VIDEO] A Flippable Mattress Changes Everything

screenshot from an animated video about 2-sided mattresses

Do you have a two-sided, flippable mattress?

If not, you might be experiencing the same problem as the character, Sam, in our new video. A ‘can’t flip’ mattress wears out faster than a flippable mattress because only a small area of the entire mattress bears all of the body impressions. When buying a new mattress, always make sure what you’re buying is two-sided and flippable! A two-sided mattress will last at least twice as long as a one-sided mattress.

Click “Play” to learn more about this common mattress problem and how you can avoid it next time you shop. (Spoiler alter: don’t settle for anything but a two-sided mattress!)

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Dorothy Comer

We had a matttess that we rotated monthly and flipped every other month for 15+ years. Sadly we were moving and decided not to take it along. We should have looked at the options we would face when replacing it. We bought a. On-flippable mattress and it was too thick and too heavy to make. We have gone through two replacements over the past ten years and will be looking again for a replacement. Since your mattresses can be flipped, is it safe to assume they are not too heavy?