[VIDEO] A Flippable Mattress Changes Everything

screenshot from an animated video about 2-sided mattresses

Do you have a two-sided, flippable mattress?

If not, you might be experiencing the same problem as the character, Sam, in our new video. A ‘can’t flip’ mattress wears out faster than a flippable mattress because only a small area of the entire mattress bears all of the body impressions. When buying a new mattress, always make sure what you’re buying is two-sided! A two-sided mattress will last at least twice as long as a one-sided mattress.

Click “Play” to learn more about this common mattress problem and how you can avoid it next time you shop. (Spoiler alter: don’t settle for anything but a two-sided mattress!)


Check out mattress brands that have your best interest in mind. Visping and Hästens are luxury brands that make fantastic two-sided mattresses. 45th Street Bedding is a Seattle Made option worth checking out too!

We now have over 60 two-sided mattresses in our showroom. Whether, you’re planning to spend $400 or $40,000 on your next mattress, you’re going to get the best value at Bedrooms & More.

Our Choices:

Sound Sleep Products in Sumner, WA makes fantastic beds for us. We provide the specifications, they produce the value.

Oregon Mattress in Newberg, OR bridges the gap between Sound Sleep produced beds and 45th Street Bedding, with both natural mattresses and less expensive product.

Cascade Manufacturing in Auburn, WA builds tufted mattresses for us that use no foam. They build these mattresses with only natural fibers, like cotton and wool.

45th Street Bedding in Seattle, WA makes zipper covered mattresses. These beds are modular. Almost all of the beds are exclusively natural.

Vispring in Plymouth, England makes luxury mattresses. Handcrafted. Made to order. Made for a lifetime.

Hästens in Köping, Sweden makes luxury mattresses. Handcrafted. Made to order. Made for a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] A Flippable Mattress Changes Everything

  1. Dorothy Comer says:

    We had a matttess that we rotated monthly and flipped every other month for 15+ years. Sadly we were moving and decided not to take it along. We should have looked at the options we would face when replacing it. We bought a. On-flippable mattress and it was too thick and too heavy to make. We have gone through two replacements over the past ten years and will be looking again for a replacement. Since your mattresses can be flipped, is it safe to assume they are not too heavy?

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