Quality Is Everything

You Get What You Pay For 

Do you care about quality? Your answer should obviously be YES! right? Actually, when it comes to shopping, many decisions are driven by price. Shoppers demand affordable items. People like me, have purchased inexpensive products without thinking twice about quality. I used to love shopping online, searching for the lowest price, ignoring how an item is made. This was a mistake. Quite often, inexpensive items, like shoes I’d bought, underperformed. Forcing me to buy new ones sooner than I wanted. Getting cheap stuff isn’t saving money. I ended up spending more for a pair of decent quality shoes. It is frustrating but I guess you get what you pay for, right? On the up side, my mistake taught me a lesson. Don’t be fully invested in price because quality is at least as important.

Why Quality Matters?

When shoppers see high priced products, their eyes light up. Maybe they think they’re being ripped-off. Let my experience tell you, don’t be scared by price. It is common for quality products to cost more. Sometimes you’re getting a better item that lasts longer. For example, a two-sided, flippable mattress may (or may not) cost a few dollars more than a one-sided, can’t flip model. The two-side mattress lasts two to three times as long as the one-sided bed because you can flip and rotate it. This amplifies the value of your mattress. Even with the difference at the time of purchase, you are saving money because you’re not returning to the market as soon. Buying again also adds stress. Having to buy again is time consuming. In this case, spending on quality makes sense. Purchasing products that are well-made, eco-friendly and long-lasting makes shopping for quality important.

Trustworthy Brands

If you want luxurious products, look carefully for something that will live up to your expectations. Decorating your home with high quality items is easy if you know what to get. Here are some of the trustworthy home furnishing brands:

Let’s start with your Livingroom. You can set up comfortable Stressless reclining chairs/sofas that come in all kind of colors both in fabric and leather. In the guestroom or livingroom, you can use a sleeper sofa from American Leather that allows you to save space and add seating.

Transitioning to your bedroom, you can put a Hästens bed, handcrafted in Sweden and sourced from the finest materials on Earth. Maybe it’s the all organic and natural 45th Street Bedding products, like comforters, toppers or pillows to enhance your comfort. 

Where can you find these brands, you ask? In Seattle, Bedrooms & More, a family owned business, is a store that displays all of these options and more. It is the only retailer that carries Hästens in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, there is an interior designer in house, ready to help you decorate your home. So, if you care about quality and want to experience true comfort, Bedrooms & More is the place to visit!

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