Spring Refresh Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Refresh your bedroom with our Spring ideas

It’s a delightful season when the flowers bloom again and the days get longer, and a great time to start your Spring refresh at home. Get ready to say goodnight to the heavy flannel sheets of winter, and transition your bedroom to light and breathable bedding.

Must-Have Fabrics For Spring

As days get warmer, it’s time to adjust our bedding to match the season. The question is, what kind of fabric should we get to enhance our sleep this Spring? If you’re not sure, we are here to educate you about the bedding materials so you would be best prepared for hotter days ahead.

Here are our suggestions:

Wool fibers | Spring refresh bedroom ideas


When it comes to materials in bedding, there’s no better option than wool. Why? We all sweat at night when we sleep, about a pint each night. Wool is breathable, temperature regulating, water-resistant, and moisture-wicking up to 30% of its weight. 

Wool can help us sleep cool and warm this Spring. In fact, it is an all-year-round material that works perfectly in all seasons. Regardless of what type of bedding you get, be it comforters, toppers, mattress pads or blankets, you will never go wrong with wool options.

Bamboo source material | Spring refresh bedroom ideas


Another great option for your Spring refresh is Bamboo rayon. We can’t think of a material as soft, cool, and cozy as bamboo fibers. Just like wool, sleeping with bamboo has benefits. Bamboo fibers are not only naturally antimicrobial (products that kill or slow the growth of microorganisms), they also regulate body temperature so that you can enjoy a restful sleep. In addition, its soft surface provides a layer of coziness, making you fall asleep quickly.

Cotton material


We can’t talk about bedding materials without including cotton. Cotton is often used in most bedding because it doesn’t trap heat on your skin. It is soft, lightweight, and highly breathable, making it a popular choice for a Spring refresh.

Linen fabricLinen

Like cotton, linen is a natural fiber that provides a sleek look and is lightweight, which will cool you down in the heat. In addition, linen has a low thread count, which is better for air circulations. Despite being light and thin, this fabric is considered durable and affordable.

Delightful Spring Bedding Set 

Now that we’ve covered the fabrics, let’s collect the perfect bedding set for this Spring. In the spirit of a lively Spring refresh, a great way to brighten things up starts with your bedding. Going with new color sheets, new accent pillows, or throws is a great way to pop your room up.

Here are some must-have bedding items:

Organic Mattress Protector | Spring refresh bedroom ideas

1. Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector or Mattress Encasement

As we said earlier, everyone sweats when we sleep. Getting a mattress protector or an encasement is wise to protect your mattress.

Any of these items can help extend the life of your bed and protect it from unwanted dust mites and allergens so you can have a great night’s sleep again and again. We recommend putting a protector or encasement directly on your mattress before applying other bedding.

Washable Wool Light Comforter | Spring refresh bedroom ideas

2. Wool Mattress Pad

To combat night sweats, getting a wool mattress pad regulates your body temperature. In addition, it adds an extra layer of cushion on top of your bed.

In addition, adding a cushion layer of the wool topper to your mattress is a great idea.

Bamboo sheets in berry red3. Bamboo Rayon Sheets

There are no better sheets to add on top of your mattress pad than these bamboo sheets. We can’t say enough how soft and cozy these bamboo sheets are. Available in 6 colors: stone, snow, ash, berry, moss, and powder. Any of these colors can freshen up your room.

Washable Wool Light Comforter4. Wool light comforter

We highly recommend our washable wool light comforter if you’re looking to switch from your thick winter comforter. It’s breathable, comfy, and much lighter than an average comforter.

Wool pillows5. Wool pillows

Your pillow is as important as other bedding in terms of getting a comfortable night’s rest. Cradle your head and support your tender neck and shoulder muscles with these Washable Wool Pillows. While you are at it, add bamboo pillow covers on top. Now that’s one cozy bedding set!

If you’re a side sleeper, we highly recommend trying our Melánge Profile pillow. You’re bound to fall in love with how comfortable and supportive this pillow is.

With these items, you can enjoy warmer nights and brighter mornings in comfort. However, if you want to explore more bedding options, we recommend browsing our Spring collection in-store on 45th St, Seattle or online.

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