Looking to promote sustainability in your home? Greenington is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing beautiful, quality bamboo furniture. Greenington furniture is made in ISO certified factories and tested by a world leading certified lab. Bamboo is an environmentally safe, renewable resource harvested from sustainable and rapidly growing forests. Each bamboo culm used in the production of Greenington products is individually selected by local farmers and harvested by hand. This process preserves the ecosystem of the native bamboo forest, and leaves the bamboo root system intact, from which new bamboo shoots will emerge and grow the following year. Greenington combines beautiful design, rich colors and a winning sustainability story.

Caring for Bamboo:  Do not use wax or polish on your bamboo furniture. For periodic cleaning use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner designed for wood furniture. Always avoid cleaners that contain abrasive materials, such as; oil, acidic or caustic ingredients or any other harsh chemicals. Further, to prevent staining or water marks, make sure to clean spills immediately, using a dabbing motion with a soft cloth.

Greenington warrants the original purchaser that the furniture you purchase will be free of factory defects in construction and workmanship.In conclusion, the duration of the warranty is for twelve months from the date of delivery. Greenington at its option will repair, replace or refund the cost you paid us for any defective merchandise within the terms of this warranty. Specifically, this warranty applies under conditions of normal use.