The Best Futon Frame

When it comes to Futons in Seattle, no one compares to our local Vancouver, Washington Futon Frame Manufacturer, Night & Day.

Opening a Futon Frame has never been easier and more stable than Night and Days Patented Shoe Fitting.

Shoe Fittings™ Operating System

Shoe Fittings™ is nothing short of a revolution in futon mechanics. Convenience, ease, reliability and replaceablility are among the many benefits reaped from this beautiful system.

It is all about the system. That’s why we call it the Shoe Fittings™ Operating System.

The Shoe Fittings™ Operating System is a hardware based approach to simplifying the assembly and the conversion of a futon frame. In addition, Shoe Fittings™, being made of natural rubber, will ensure your futon frame is sturdy and reliable for years to come.

See what others are saying about the industry-leading SHOE FITTINGS™ futon hardware. Go to our press release in Futon Life Magazine.

Shoe Fittings™ is also designed to help save your futon frame from breakage!

Shoe Fittings™ Designed to Save the Frame

When we make a futon frame, obviously normal use is expected. Heavy use is naturally anticipated. But unfortunately real abuse (to some extent) is inevitable.

The simple truth is that sometimes abuse is unavoidable, be it from over excited kids playing with the nifty mechanics, or from guests just trying to be helpful (but not knowing how the frame works).

Whatever the cause, you need something between you and a busted frame.

Once again, I give you Shoe Fittings™. The Natural Shock Absorber.

Our Shoe Fittings™ components are made of natural rubber. They are made to push and pull. The key stress points are all rubber points. They are designed to take the impact and the stretch.

Yes, the rubber will take the use and the abuse. But it will also take the fall.

In fact, in the very worst scenario the rubber is designed to fail; fail before the wood fails; fail before you get serious and expensive breakage. Is that cool or what?

Shoe Fitting Snapper

Snap-it-on and snap-it-off, snap-it-locked and unlocked, the Snapper™ is a deceptively simple looking device. Developed over a 3 year period, the development of the Snapper™ included the use of computer animation in analyzing the motions and forces involved. Consultations with rubber engineers were needed to understand rubber’s long term stress capacities and to find the ideal rubber formulations, and molding procedures. And not least, the Snapper™ was tested over and over and over again until we got it right; and we did get it right. The Snapper™ is a most amazing piece of equipment.

Shoe Fitting Seahorse

The smooth-running open track Sea Horse™ that let’s you drop-in the back deck (without the usual, and annoying, keep-the-bolts-loose while struggling to fit …) is an inspiration in simplicity. Its sturdy rubber will never wear out. As this track began to take shape during its development the beautiful form of the sea horse emerged naturally. With pleasure in the art, we tweaked its features and brought out its full beauty.

Shoe Fitting ThumNut

Our patented ThumNut™ is one of those things that makes you wonder how it is possible it was never invented before. The nightmare of a typical barrel nut, lost in its hole, all turned around, with no hope of ever getting the bolt threaded into it, is over.

The ThumNut™ gives you a total handle on the situation. Holding it in one hand while threading the bolt with the other is so easy you’ll never want to do it any other way again. And making the barrel of the ThumNut™ a full 15 mm in diameter spreads out the pressure on the wood so much that you can crank that bolt as tight as you like and the joint will take it.


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