White Loft Silk Pillows and Comforters

White Loft Pillows and Comforters

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Get the most of your mattress with the right bedding. White Loft pillows and comforters are a great place to start. Plus, if your bed is too hard, they have toppers too

Silk Pillows

Soft, Resilient Silk filled pillows are soft and flexible, yet the resilient fill will never lose its shape, break down, come through the casing, or separate—so your head always gets the support it needs. Naturally hypoallergenic, our pillows have solved many sinus problems.

Silk Comforters

White Loft comforters, filled with 100% virgin silk fiber batting, have a soft, breathable 233 single thread count cotton case. All of our comforters give a clean and defined drape with a generous overhang on the bed. The comforter minimizes allergens.

Silk Topper

It’s like sleeping on a cloud. The White Loft comfortable silk topper adds a cozy layer of softness and warmth to any mattress. The substantial weight (a king weighs nearly 30 pounds) keeps it in place on your mattress. The 2-inch height is designed to fit under fitted sheets. Silk fill deters dust mites and surrounds you with natural fibers.

There is no substitute for White Loft pillows and comforters.


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